Poland, where are you?

First couple of tones, we think yay. Then some lines from the vocalist, we think nay. 30 seconds in, and we think Poland will give us a headache.

Poland is a country Good Evening Europe have learned to like very much. There are just so many great people from there. In Norway, Polish people really take care of everything we lazy people cannot do – from building our houses to doing our regular wax on wax off. Polish people are creators of everything good in this world, including bison grass vodka We love them, and we don’t know what we’d do without them. That’s why it hurts us so much to say the Polish Eurovision story is kinda horrendous. Couple of highlights from the last decade: Some not so funky astronaut with red hair and an indescribable voice paired up with a furry lady singing in German, some other guys in green hair and masks tried to follow their hearts and some rather sad people tried to convince us it’s time to party. Well, we believe our Polish friends when they tell us Eurovision is not such a high priority in their country.

This year Poland has sent a pretty swell looking bloke with a not so swell sounding song. We were just so impressed by the beautiful ethnic beginning. Great, way to go, we managed to think before Marcin Mrozinski started promising us to stay forever. Now, that was a bit long for us. Even 2.53 minutes were. It’s not the worst of songs. Really isn’t. It’s just so frustrating when someone promise you the world and you only get a small piece of it. Some small, or large, adjustments here and we would have had the prince and all of the kingdom. It’s like Poland thinks we wouldn’t like them if they were themselves. But we would have! We want the most Polish of Poland.

Now it seems a little bit like Marcin is stuck on a train somewhere. Would of course have loved to be on that train, though. This lovely prince does look like a million dollars, and we can’t wait to see him up close.


  1. You say that Eurovision is not such a high priority in my country.I thing that it is because of fact that it's a politacal competition and we always get few points from other countries.I know that sometimes we don't choose good representatives- your words "some rather sad people tried to convince us it's time to party" make me laugh and I agree with them. But for example in 2008 Isis Gee fare very well and we were last but one. After this year I lost hope that Poland will ever make the grade.In my opinion it's not possible. I'm surpised that my country still want to take a part in Eurovision. If we talk about Marcin Mroziński who will sing this time- I thing he's great but I don't believe that he will come to the final. I don't agree that he is stuck. You'll see that on live he's much better that in in radio version! I thing that it will be one of the best polish shows! Sorry for my probably not the best English;)

  2. Thank you so much for your comment. Great English, don't worry.We don't like the fact that this is a political contest, but guess it is hard to avoid. To us, it is more a chance to not be political, just inclusive. We love Israel this year, for instance, although we do not support their government.Yes, Isis was a beautiful woman. Not our style, but still nice. We have not lost faith in Poland, we know you can do it, but we are hoping you will go more for your own style and perhaps sing in Polish. That should work better.We can't wait to see Marcin live. He is certainly a sight for sore eyes, and probably better live also. There are many people wooing him. Best of luck!

  3. This year you will see dancers from our very popular folk band so it will be definitely out style:) And some parts will be singing in polish. In my opinion that's not the best idea to sing everything in nationalityt's language beacause like Marcin said, it's hard to get up to people in Europe that way.I prefer to listen song in English too. And I don't know whether You know-Marcin has got a videoblog on YouTube- polish and english version.Greetings from Poland and thank You for so much warm words!

  4. Hey,It's not a final version of Marcin's song.If you show up something, please check up first which version is final one. Again, you don't have to love this song or not, but this song is not a song made for money. It's so Polish. We Poles are very proud of Marcin. He is singing with 2 soloist of the most popular Polish Folk Song and Dance Group. So, how can you say it's not Polish? About videoblogs and new version – you can find it on http://www.youtube.com/marcinmrozinski

  5. Ok, thanks for sharing. Lots of different opinions here, and we know many people like Marcin. We are not all that negative either, compared to what we can be 😉 Point is we love Poland so much, we would love to see even more of you in the Eurovision, like maybe more of your language. But hey, this is a good start! Thank you for the link.

  6. general remark about choice of videos: GEE do a lot of research in front of every review and have been watching pretty much every related video available on YouTube for a long time. The video we pick for our entries, is usually from the national final if it is available in good quality. If not, we choose a suitable one. You can always be confident reviews are based on the entry in the national final, as we for the sake of fairness don't consider remixes.

  7. We LOVE it. What a shiny, happy person. We really hope we get to meet him in Oslo, as he seems like a person that brings happiness to everyone around him. And those are the people we like. Yay!

  8. Yup! We almost envy ourselves. And he's the nicest person we've met in Eurovision, we love him, and Poland should be proud to have such a fab contestant!

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