Retro Sunday: Sweden 1988

Every Sunday we give you some of our favorite old entries to cheer you up a little extra and make you miss the glorious old days. Today the Swedes will teach us how a real ballad should sound like:

Why this fabulous ballad did not reach higher than 12th place in Dublin in 1988 is completely beyond us. This is goose bumps and shivers down our our spines from the first cord. Supposedly it was because Tommy Körberg fell ill with a sore throat a few days before the final and as he performed his song during dress rehearsals his voice broke a couple of times when trying to reach the highest notes. This was back in the days when only the juries decided the votes and the jury members were present during the dress rehearsals. So even tough Tommy’s performance in the final was spotless he did not manage to convince the juries. But he certainly convinced us and at least Norway gave our neighbors 12 points! Well deserved!

The Scandinavians still love this song and this year’s Swedish contestant Anna Bergendahl chose to perform it during her participation in Swedish Idol in 2008. Enjoy!

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