How hard is it really? Part 2, in which we trash talk Didrik

Twinkle, twinkle little star. How we wonder WHERE you are.


Here we are giving you some of the hottest men of Eurovision. They are sexy, shiny, twinkly, funny and just so damn nice. But why won’t we give you Didrik, you might ask. Well certainly because Alexander Stenerud is a better Norwegian option. But also because, honestly, we don’t know where Didrik is. And neither does the majority of the Norwegian press.

What goes around, wins around. That’s the sentence of truth for most artists, and perhaps even more so for Eurovision participants. Most of them travel around Europe for months before the finals presenting themselves and getting to know their thereby rapidly growing group of fans. All the while Didrik stays at home mending his cars, talking to the local newspaper of 200 readers and being grumpy on his own blog. He’s just mad at journalists for being interested and trash-talking his buddy, last years winner Alexander Rybak, to anyone who cares to listen. And his management is busy telling people Didrik is too busy to talk to them before the finals. The only thing our Eurovision star is doing in the media, it seems, is trying to pick up the Swedish contestant. 1-0 to Sweden and a lot of embarrassment to Didrik there.

So no Didrik for us and no Didrik for you. He had such a good starting point as Europe was getting acquainted with the charming young boys of Norway. He certainly represents both the looks and the fit bodies we love. Paired up with his confident flirtations with the camera what could have gone wrong? His hard was ours, for crying out loud. Yes, all the wet panties of Europe could have voted for Didrik’s shiny eyes, but as he disappeared into the inner woods of Telemark, the fans probably turned to Harel Skaat instead. We do not blame them for a second. Because so do we. Watch out next week.

Our hard verdict:
This is so soft we can’t even see it. A little twinkling of the eye to the big camera doesn’t help much when Israel is on in every channel. Plus if Didrik actually have time to show up for the finals. Minus for just about everything else, including the lame website of typos someone decided to throw in our face a month before the final and Didrik’s grumpy attitude. Shame on you, Didrik. You are not our winner after all. But hey, best of luck.

There is really nothing more to say about this sad, little fellow.


  1. And how does that prove anything?What it proves is that you write your submission here from what you think you know, you don't even have your facts straight. You are not investigating reporters, have not been behind the scenes, or even talked to him? How on earth can you know what you are talking about? Are you really so gullable that you believe the media is always telling the truth? Seriously, I thought someone of your age had learned by now that there's always more to the story than what you read – if there is a story at all.Didrik would never trash talk a friend, he will never be a diva, and the fact that he has other priorities than talking to the press just show that he is a guy with his priorities straight!And the fact that you think Alexander Stenerud should have been Norway's contribution to the ESC, just shows that you should never write a blog like this. He has a nice voice, but that's it. He would have disappeared in the crowd! Something Didrik never will!Didrik will kick everyone's ass on May 29th. And he does not need to be in the media 24/7 to do it!

  2. Jeez, that’s one angry anonymous person. Take a chill pill please, cause we get a bit scared of anonymous, angry people:-) Yeah right, we cheered for another contestant than the winner in this year’s MGP. Then we must be idiots and we should shut down this blog immediately! This is a blog, dear anonymous, we’re not investigating journalists and no, we have not been behind the scenes. We observe the way Didrik appear in the media and to the regular guy in the street ready to vote on the 29th. At the moment it doesn’t look very good. Sure, the press can write a lot of crap, it might not even be true what they write all the time. Didrik and his management should be aware of this, and they could really do well by changing their strategy in our opinion. The way they act right now is just making it worse for them. So cheer up, angry anonymous fellow. We hope you will enjoy the ESC finals, and may the best win! Whoever that is:-)

  3. Wow what little insight you have about life, chasing after gold and jewels. These kinds of blogs is what makes me lose faith in the human soul.You actually choose to believe a lie instead of seeking out the actual truth. Why do i try, you probably won't even know what i'm talking about.Know that all this which you call fame and glamour is nothing but a nice house with a rotten inside. But that's how everyone likes it.

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