Warning! Croatian whiny femidoms approaching Oslo

A band name that reminds you of the 90s most misplaced products, the female condom and a white rapper, plus whiny women dressed in leopard? Nope, not much to thank Croatia for.

Starting off with a group of horribly dressed people out of key in 1993, Croatia has participated 17 times in the ESC. There has been misunderstood nostalgia, quite surprising screaming, bagpipes out of order and ethnonoise. No success there. With few exceptions Croatia is really just one long journey of oh so sad and angry people. Seriously, why don’t you people cheer up a little instead of drama tripping and heart breaking all the time? What good does that make? No wonder you can’t find love. Only once we’ve almost loved you – when you brought tango to town. Thank God for old, funky men that saves the day.

But you do keep going into land of hurt and sorrow. This year’s entry is yet another whiny couple of gals with yet another song of misery. According to the lyrics, these are women that are no longer themselves, that surrenders and that have torn up souls. Oh, really? That’s so charming. We don’t like the leopard theme they are fronting or the fact that they wear Uggs in the introduction, we don’t like the weak women they are praising and we don’t really like their hurt voices. Don’t like them, you could say our conclusion is. They are just as unnecessary as that female condom and white rapper their name reminds us of.

Guess Croatia is at its best when you spend your vacation there. But hey, you are very welcome so we can return your hospitality. Just remember to smile, and we might just like you a little more.

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