Wanna party with these guys?

So do we! As we told earlier we have hooked up with Club Latter for the best partying possible. Now to be more specific we hooked up with successful producers Mads Rogde and Fredrik Havstein – just the right people to make this classy joint your fav hangout throughout ESC week.

Both fans and artists are invited to Club Latter at Aker Brygge, where Norwegian and International stars will entertain you five nights in a row, kicking off what they have named Eurovision Festival on Tuesday 25th. Save your energy for Wednesday, though, because that is the night of our fabulous Good Evening Europe-party.

Some of the artists that are confirmed to perform is Icelandic Euroband, Bobbysocks, Charmed, Queentastic, Birgitte Einarsen and Christine Guldbrandsen.

“These are all artists that have been popular with Eurovision fans the latest couple of years”, producer Fredrik Havstein says. “The semi finals and finals will be shown on the large screen, followed by party and entertainment. Then the Good Evening Europe-party on Wednesday and the party of esctoday.com on Friday”, he continues, stressing that all of the nights are open to everyone.

Now, party for everyone is something we in Good Evening Europe understand the concept of, and we also feel certain long time artistic director of NRK’s MGP (the Norwegian national finals of ESC) knows what he is doing.

“The city will be packed with people ready to have a ball, and we couldn’t find a better club to offer our International guests – right in the heart of the city, with excellent service and handsome bartenders”, Mads says enthusiastically.

Yup, Mads and Fredrik will rapidly become some of our favorite blokes during this contest. They promise everyone a fair share of fun, extravaganza and surprises, whether being a hardcore fan from Malta or a more relaxed hunk from…let’s say…Israel. They invite us all, so don’t you miss out.

Now, did we mention the Good Evening Europe-party on Wednesday 26th? Go book your table of champagne!

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