Eurovisual hints: on how to get your look straight

When Oslo invites all its ESC friends from all over the world over for the biggest party of the year in May, we’re guessing a lot of the party guests wonder what to wear. If you’re one of them, have no fear, Good Evening Europe have taken the task upon ourselves to do some research into this matter, to give you the best insider’s tips on what to wear, where to appear and the basic do’s and don’ts of Scandinavia’s Tiger Town.

In Eurovision, what to wear or what not to wear is essential. The artists’ style, or perhaps rather the lack of it, is often what people remember better than the actual song itself. Also the audience, whether you invite your friends over for a party to watch the final on the telly, or you’re one of those lucky enough to be in the arena where it all happens, spend hours choosing the perfect outfit for the big event.

We had a talk about this with Rut Helen Gjævert and challenged her to give us some advice on how to go about finding our Eurovisual look for the year. She is one of Oslo’s coolest fashionistas and shares her passion for design, trends and style through her role as chief editor for the website

Mesmerized by Carola
“Carola from 91 with “Fångad av en Stormvind” was amazing”, Rut Helen Gjævert exclaims, and we are positively surprised by the enthusiasm she shows for Eurovision. “Carola was the quintessential 90’s babe with her fluffy hairstyle, Robin Hood vest and stretch pants, she really made a big impression on me back then as a little girl”, Rut Helen continues with a big smile.

We totally agree with her. In Eurovision history, Carola is a true icon, no wonder this is one of the first memories that pops into Rut Helen’s mind! But what about today’s artists in ESC, do they dress as sharply as back in the good old days? we ask. Rut Helens needs to think for a few seconds before she continues. “In my opinion, the focus is now more on costumes rather than design and personal expression. I suppose this is fun and part of the whole package, but personally I would have liked to see artists choosing something more contemporary and cutting edge, and also with a personal twist. With the right outfit they can feel comfortable on stage and really get the message of their song across”, she argues. And our man Didrik, how’s he doing? “I like him”, Rut Helen smiles. “He has an outfit that fits the music he represents. But he could be brave and step it up a notch further, like perhaps choosing a full white suit instead of black trousers at times, and also add some details”.

From (Photo: Rut Helen Gjævert)

Be aware of your visual expression
It’s pretty clear to us that this gal knows her fashion stuff, why this interest for design and trends? “I have always been fascinated by how one can express one’s personality through the visual. You always communicate something by how you look and what you wear”, Rut Helen explains. “Norway has barley any traditions for this mindset, but we’re moving in the right direction, and that’s why I decided to start the website, where we simply show up at all the coolest parties, events and hot spots in Oslo to take pictures of people with style and great attitude”.

Rut Helen herself is definitely one of those people you can imagine getting her photo taken at every event she attends, with her relaxed and clean, yet edgy Scandinavian style. It makes us wonder if she’s at all interested in the Eurovision extravaganza that will show up on her doorstep in only a few weeks time, and we have to ask if she finds it tacky and just look forward to the day it all will be over. “Oh no, not at all! I am a music lover too, so I can hardly wait for the Eurovision show to begin”, she answers. “ plans to join the party and we will be there with our cameras to catch a glimpse of the most outrageous and glorious outfits. I am sure you will find some pictures of ESC fans on our webpage too, it’ll be inspiring to see new faces with different looks”, Rut Helen concludes.

Good Evening Europe finds it inspiring to visit Oslonight’s fab website and can definitely recommend ESC fans to check it out to get a feel of Oslo’s vibrant night life and tips on where to hang out with the city’s most stylish party crowd. And if you meet Rut Helen with her camera during Eurovision in Oslo, remember to strike a pose and smile!

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