Hurray for Bobbysocks!

Today it’s exactly 25 years ago since Norway took its first victory in Eurovision. During that glorious night in Gothenburg we went from being the nil points in the bottom to 1-2-3 points on top of the podium. We just couldn’t believe it, our nation exploded with joy! Thank you Bobbysocks for giving us one of our best childhood memories, we love you always and forever.

Ask any Norwegian and he or she can probably tell you a story from the night this happened back in the good old 80s. To celebrate this 25 year anniversary, let’s take a trip down memory lane and share our Bobbysocks moments.

I sat completely mesmerized in front of the telly back at my parents’ house trying to catch every second of the final. It was not easy to concentrate as it was my big brother’s Confirmation the 5th of May and focus was more on trying to get everything ready for the celebration the next day rather than what went on in Gothenburg. That’s why I will always remember Bobbysocks on stage in a big blur mixed with baby blue 80s style napkins, silver cutlery, myrtle flower decorations, china dishware, stressed out parents and one embarrassed brother wishing the whole shabang would just go away all together.

I remember Bobbysocks winning when I was only five years old, but even more I remember the day Bobbysocks played in my hometown a while after. That was the day I was just so mad at my dad for not letting me go and see them play live while my mum was actually hanging around then concert venue, on duty as a journalist. When we dropped by to pick up my mum, Bobbysocks were just finishing their set. My dad felt so sorry for poor little me by then, he actually managed to take me backstage to say hello to Hanne and Elisabeth as they were leaving. That was pure bliss, and my friends could just sit there and brag about their concert experience, because I was the only one who actually met them. I loved both Bobbysocks and my dad after that, and have never stopped since.

Where were you when Bobby played everyone’s Socks off?

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