Thank you for the Finns

In case you haven’t noticed, blonde, beautiful and happy Finns that you don’t understand, works in most cases. Also in Eurovision.

Finland is the country you never quite get the hold of. Even as Nordics we can’t really grasp what the Finns are up to or what they are saying about it. A lot of weird stuff originates from Finland. But we don’t care. No, we actually love and cherish their mysteriousness and quirkiness so perfectly portrayed by people like Aki Kauismäki. That is if the Finns don’t pollute Eurovision with not so ok reaggae, hard rock or some weirdo rap stuff. We have been much greater fans of Tipi-tiis, Yayayayays, Yamma, Yammas and something we don’t catch anything of, but still also love.They all make us realize how Finnish is the funniest language to sing in ever.

Oh yeah, those Finns can make us laugh. And the amusing princesses of 2010 are the most fun of them all. We love, love, love people who party on stage while staying true to their ethnic heritage and singing in their own language. And men that are only hired to switch places and clap their hands ever so often. They build us up into bundles of joy and helps us digest all the boring ballads and self conscious Danes served to us in a never ending first course. This is the best thing on the menu. We will dance with them, laugh with them and party with them. We will tilt our head from side to side, clap our hands and check out if they can ever stop smiling. We certainly can’t as long as they are present.

Thank you Finland for feeding this to us. We do hope Europe gets you this time.


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