Take a chill pill, Greece!

Greece has really stepped up their game since the turn of the millennium. After the introduction of the semi finals they have consistently been right up there in top 10 and it seems like the sharpening of knifes has done the Greeks the world of good. We dig Greek girl power with lovely ladies such as Anna Vissi (oh, hang on, she’s Cypriot), Kalomira (ups, she’s American) and of course Helena Paparizou (damn it, she’s Swedish!). Nevertheless, “My Number One” from 2005 is one of our all time favorite winners.

So what about the Greek guys? To tell you the truth, we’re really not that into grown men buying their t-shirts from Baby Gap and exercising on treadmills placed on top of giant staple machines. It’s just not our cup of tea.

And this years entry? Omg, we don’t even know where to begin! For a couple of joke cracking funny bunnies like us, this is like leaving your kids alone in a candy store. We’re like Opa? Wtf is this? Priceless! There’s obviously some major overcompensating going on here, being all masculine, potent and full of testosterone. How ironic, when we all know poor Greece is completely penniless and beg Germany and their other EU big brothers to pick up their bills. Opa, ooooh, we’re so scared! Not really.

And moreover, we’re far from done yet, someone came up with the bright idea to base the song on the ringtone from our Nokia 3210 from 2001! Yay! If you run out of ideas for next year Greece, we can totally recommend the exquisite sound from the timer on our kitchen stove, and the start-up sequence sound on our MacBook is also cutting edge.

We’re amazed by how many elements they’ve manage to squeeze into this number. They even found room for this super hot guy, playing on something that seems to be a baseball bat. And apparently, Liverpool defender Kyrgiakos has launched a second career as a dancer. Good for him!

Thank you Greece for being so deadly serious in giving us something as hilarious as this. We are confident that Europe will award you with a place in the final and another Top 10 finish. Opa!

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