Weather report from Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia & Herzegovina has given us lots of unforgettable Eurovision moments. It’s surreal to think back on their debut 17 years ago, when the Bosnian delegation barely made it out of Sarajevo on their way to Millstreet in Ireland. Since then BH has always been a strong contender to watch out for and we love Hari Mata Hari’s Lejla from 2006. Last year’s Bistro Voda with Regina made us love BH even more, and we were super excited about what they would bring to Oslo.

Ok, what’s the deal with all these guys from Balkan trying to sound like Eros Ramazotti? It’s just ridiculous, please stop! We’re disappointed to say the least, how is it possible to select such a boring, plain, bleak and unappealing song? Did we forget to mention boring? Half way trough we’re all like, please, just be done with it and put us out of our misery.

We are trying really hard to come up with something positive to mention here, but this number is not even funny. Perhaps apart from the fact that the song’s title is “Thunder and Lightning”. It should have been called “Overcast With Light, Slightly Annoying, Rain Showers”, or something.

If this travesty makes it trough to the final we will blame it solely on patriotic block voting.

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