Nice try from Spain

Spain decided to bring us something tiny this year.

Participating since 1961, Spain has had different approaches to the Eurovision Song Contest. They won with both La, la, la in 68 and Vivo cantando in 69, both lovely songs by lovely women in terrific clothing. But since then, they haven’t really been close. Julio Inglesias wore way too blue clothing being way too melodramatic while some weird gang only came second with Eres tu. Spain struggled, and sent both crazy banjo players, sassy señoritas in Tango mood, and even Las Ketchup ordering Bloody Marys. Can’t say that worked. What did work for us, however, was  being totally wacko in 83, doing super 80s disco in 86 and celebrating Europe in 2002. Still, nothing has reached the very top of the podium.

This year hot musical star Daniel Diges is bringing us something tiny. Being surrounded by oversized toy figures on stage, we can’t help but wondering if he represents the tiny part, but we do love the song’s traditional Spanish feel. It is sensitive and intense with a promise of something good. Still, when the whoaoaoo starts to completely dominate, it is everything but good. Guess the best parts in the end is the tight pants, wild curls and strong voice of the singer – in that order. A nice touch is also this music video made as an homage to Danish writer  H C Andersen’s story of the tin soldier. Now that can only melt our hearts as much as Daniel’s bright smile.

You’ve got to realize that it’s small things that makes this burn, Spain. Nothing but another nice try from you. Again.

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