Party Swedes – welcome!

Get ready for Eurovision’s sweetest disappearance act! Here comes Sweden.

Forgetting about the annoying opera chick that couldn’t keep her secret last year, Sweden has a long and shiny history in Eurovision. Considering all the noisy, self conscious, trashy Swedes that tend to overpopulate Oslo’s restaurants, shops and bars, it is actually amazing how much we love Sweden when it comes to this contest. Guess all the great folks stay at home. There is Ola Salo and the rest of the glam rockers in The Ark, the ABBA people, Lill Lindfors, Lill-Babs, Kikki Danielson, Charlotte Nilsson/Charlotte Perelli and their likings.

No one knows how to party like them and no one knows how to make a better Eurovision performance. And then of course there is the queen of wind machines Carola – she has after all delivered some of the best performances ever with Främling and Fångad av en stormvind. Too bad she went all wacko, but we choose to leave that story out of Eurovision and just never invite her back again.

This year’s Anna Bergendahl is probably one of the cutest contestants with her blond curls, intense eyes, blushy cheeks and sweet dress quirkily paired with a pair of red converse. We like the bluegrassy feel of this song and her deep voice. We did like the fact that she played an acoustic guitar too, but hey, where does it go after the first verse? We haven’t got a clue, but can’t wait to see this happening live. Disappearing guitars are after all more rare than disappearing skirts at these parties. Anyways, we think Anna has a great voice, but the song is probably a little bit too boring and repetitive to reach the highest scores. Being a Swedish diva has been proven to work before, though.

One of the most famous graffiti tags in Oslo is a message telling all Party Swedes to go home. We, however, wish you welcome – because we know you have some good people for us, and we can’t wait to meet them.


  1. Yeah, we know. We just wanted to link to both her entries from you tube, but we suppose it came out kinda strange this way. Thanks for pointing that out for us!

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