Outside the box from Estonia

Estonia is considered to be the sixth Nordic country and in ESC it’s an honor to be in the same company as this Baltic state. With the exception of a couple of wrong turns the last few years they have consistently delivered strong performances, beating the Swedes in giving us the best schlagers (mind you with Swedish girl power in the lead role, like Sahlene and Sandra Oxenryd) and being the best exponent for the sleek, clean and cool nordic sound. While Norway has rambled away with wannabe latino pop and noisy glam rock, Estonia has given us music like clear water from the glacier, sounding like the rugged, hostile landscapes up north and the legends of the Ultima Thule. Big clichés, but we like it!

This year’s entry is another brave choice from the Estonians. Perhaps the most non-ESC like contribution this year and this probably means a make or brake. We honestly think that Europe won’t get this, which is sad, cause it’s dreamy, poetic, quirky, different and modern. The vocalist’s voice is crystal clear and it’s reassuring to know that this will work live. But the performance is kinda lame, hopefully they will work on that part. And something should be done with the scenography, warm colours are all wrong for this song we think.

Thumbs up for daring to give us something different Estonia!

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