The end is really, really near

OMG, who DID kill Kenny?

Let’s just be clear: Power ballads were a thing in the 90s. Even back then they were just our excuse to make out with silly boys down at the youth club. We are somewhat happy that Ukraine decided to cut the Phil Collins they first decided to go for, but to bring in Alannah Myles instead?? Not sure we get the idea.

Ukraine should be able to come up with something better. They’ve had Shady Ladies and Wild Dances and the most fantastic of them all, Verka Serduchka – everything so much more fun than the grumpy lady that will enter the stage this year. She sings like a girl in high school performing with the local band, trying to look very moved while the wind literally tries to blow dry her hair. Oh, so the end is near? Have to say we do believe you in this specific context. No further comment.

Only one plus here – we do love her dress. Reminding us of something Norwegian Fairytale designer Leila Hafzi could have made, it’s actually one of the nicest frocks we have seen in this year’s Eurovision pre selection round so far. Guess any blondehead could have worn it, though.
Please figure out who killed the Ukrainian show, quit yelling and bring the brain back.

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