Dream on Malta!

The tiny island state Malta is big in Eurovision, we almost can’t believe they’ve never actually won! They have come pretty close a couple of times, and only the most horrible trouser suit in history stood between Malta and their long anticipated victory back in 2002.

It’s with good reason we have high expectations to what Malta will bring this year, and wow, there’s Liza Minelli on stage, splendid! Or is it Chiara who lost a few pounds and cut her hair? We can’t really tell, and after a while we’re far more concerned about trying to warn Liza/Chiara or whatever about the, eh… poultry creature behind her. That thing looks nasty!

It’s such a shame that Malta can’t manage to send something better than this. This is after all one of the countries that takes Eurovision very seriously, something we of course support and appreciate. This year they had 20 entries in their national selection final and still they end up with… this? It makes us wonder about the televoters in Malta. It surely must be a bunch of retired people, because the song they have selected can only be summed up in one word. Yawn!

We refuse to give up on you Malta! Fingers crossed for next year, too bad the ESC final won’t be in Valetta in 2011 either!

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