Let Balkan entertain you!

Finally – a group of people that will only make you gay. This is Balkan!

Balkan has a great Eurovision history of bringing the entertainment. From Serbia we’ve had greatness from Mako Kon last year and the quiet lesbo in 2007, who strangely enough also was kinda entertaining. Not bad for a country in it’s fifth year of participation. And is there more yet to come!

You just have to smile from the first glance of lead singer Milan Stankovic.He just looks so strange and cool and sweet and beautiful and happy that we want him to be the most honored guest at every party from here to eternity. The music fits him perfectly. First you think it is a little bit too weird, too much of a circus, too much of a clash of styles. But then it stops and you just want to watch it all over again. And again. And again. In fact you are so hooked on it you just ask yourself how much alcohol was really in the milk you had for breakfast. Just add fantastic dancers that remind you of Rybak’s Frikar, and happiness is fulfilled. Oh, what joy that someone puts on their national costumes and do the real show with rapping and singing and crazy dancing and Balkan orchestras and bending of the knees while looking as happy as Sesame Street Big Bird on speed. It only makes us gay in any sense of the word.

This is Balkan. And we love you, Balkan. We just do. Let’s go all go to bed and stay there.

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