Vote for Didrik as next top model!

Wiwibloggs has a real fun poll going on called “Who is Eurovision’s next top male model 2010?” – a poll right up our alley. But let us just be a little bit patriotic.


The webpage has posted pictures – both in a male and a female post – of the participants and asks us to tell them who’s the next top model. But seriously, people, don’t let the man behind one of the worst entries this year be the winner! Poland’s Marcin Mroziński is kinda hot in pics, we do admit that, but once you watch him sing his opera horribilis, you would never think so again. Hello, where is Didrik Solli-Tangen?

So help us vote for Didrik as the next top model. He is far better than Poland. So is Israel, btw. And if in doubt, here’s another pic to help you settle:

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