Existentialism is the new black

Latvia’s journey trough Eurovision history has been a rocky road. In a decade they have given us everything from a winning act in 2002 to the most appalling rubbish with their pirates back in 2008. We don’t care much about Marie N’s latino flirt, but wouldn’t mind flirting with Renārs Kaupers from Brainstorm or the cutiepies Walters and Kazha, some of our all time ESC favorites!

This year Latvia has decided to shed some light on the big questions in life. The kind of questions you ask yourself when you wake up on New Year’s Day with a huge hammer inside your head and ski jumping from Garmisch-Partenkirchen on the telly in the background. Nothing can feel more meaningless than to watch Poland’s second best ski jumper reach 112.5 meters on a day like that. So does it really make more sense to watch Aisha on stage with her crew doing the laundry? In our opinion yes! You see, we kind of have a thing for artists who manage to take domestic chores to a higher level. Bosnia Herzegovina did the same on stage in 2008 and we can hardly wait to see someone doing the dishes or showing us some decent hoovering. Apparently, Aisha has announced that there will be changes to the performance before Oslo so we can only hope for something spectacular, the suspense is killing us!

Will Latvia reach the final this year? How should we know, ask Mr. God!

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