Different strokes for different folks

Moldova introduced themselves to the ESC universe in 2005 with a drumming grandma, and it was love at first sight. Why on earth do we not see more psychedelic, ska funk rock in this competition, we wonder! Since then the Moldovans have been trough an impressive variety of music genres and most importantly given valuable contributions when it comes to costumes and props. They have shown up on stage in bikinis, bridal gowns and thorn up garbage bags, with mohawks, body paint, teddy bears and outfits in the gross color combination orange/purple. You just gotta love it!

This year is no exception, Moldova do not disappoint us. There’s so much action on stage during this number that we could have sworn to have seen at least 50 people there! The lead singer, Olia Tira, shows up in a “skirt” that would probably make even Lady Gaga blush, and there’s fiddle and saxophone playing going on like there’s no tomorrow. Throw in a couple of b-boys of a rather dubious quality, rotating stage components and a tam-tam gong and you got yourself a smorgosbord to feast on into the wee hours. After scrambling around in an ocean of sulky ballads for quite a while now, this is our party island!

We end up feeling a bit dizzy over the whole shabang, but this is after all one of the symptoms of having sunstroke. Note to self, bring sunscreen and a glamorous sombrero to Telenor Arena, and we should be fine, we recon!

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