Hot stuff of Israel

Now who would have thought Israelis are the new hotties of this world?

Israel always makes it a little bit hard to silence our political minds in this game. Needless to say, we do not digg their somewhat party pooping government, and their participation did made our young minds geographically confused back in the days. No wonder they have been willing to give us some strong contestants.

Viva la Diva Dana International forever and Amen to being dressed in hippie clothing and singing Hallelujahs in the late 70s. Pushing the button and being ethnochic a la the 80s also worked. Really, there is enough good Eurovision stuff to kill all other tension.

This year’s entry makes no exception. Harel Skaat is probably one of our very own Didrik Solli-Tangen‘s hardest contenders in winning the votes of the UHDE – United Desperate Housewives of Europe. He is even among the hottest guys of Eurovision ever, we’d say, with his relaxed suit, sharp face and intense brown eyes. Just lose the weird necklace and learn the twinkling of eyes from Didrik, and he has us right where he wants. The song is a nice and sweet ballad, and we do like that he sings in Hebrew, but maybe it is a little bit too nice and forgettable. We do also miss some more variety throughout the number.

Still, though, we will for sure enjoy watching Harel in Telenor Arena. We even hope he reaches the final – if only for the chance to enjoy a sight for sore eyes as much as possible <3


  1. That weird necklace you refer to is a traditional Jewish mezuza containing a small parchment with important biblical quotes. He seems to have started wearing it only after his grandfather died 4 days before the National Final, and so I think this was given to him as a memento from his beloved "Saba."

  2. Ok, we get that. Still, there are hot and not so hot ways to wear a necklace if you have to wear it in the first place. Harel should learn the difference before the final to reach that final step of smashing.

  3. God. you're so right! this is very happy that finally someone can understand israel. thank you very much.from your writing i know you're the kind of true people. 🙂

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