Ik ben versmurfed

Seriously? Like, seriously Netherlands??? The clocks have ringed ding-a-dong more than a couple of times since 1975, but this seems to have gone unnoticed in Tulip Town. The Dutch used to rule in Eurovision during it’s early ages but that was then and this is now and since their last victory in the 70’s they have absolutely nothing to show for. Nada, rien, niente, niets, ingenting!

It makes you wonder why they even bother to participate, surely it must be better to be spared the humiliation. It’s just outright embarrassing to watch poor Sieneke on stage. She looks completely lost in the fairground and judging by her singing she has taken a ride on the merry go round at least a couple of times too many. Whoever came up with the bright idea of asking Vader “Smurf Song” Abraham to write the Dutch entry should seriously be sacked. Perhaps you need to smoke something to dig this shit?

It’s like the Dutch are in the process of refining the recipe for failure to perfection. We thought rock bottom had been reached by far with the granddads last year, but somehow they manage to top The Toppers, this year’s entry is even worse!

Seriously Netherlands, take a long, hard look at yourselves. To smurf or not to smurf, that’s the question. The answer is no.


  1. Hey, I must admit that I had the same reactions as u did the first time I heard it. But now when u hear it the more u like it and I think that this can be a dangoures outsider to watch.

  2. Do you think so anonymous? We really couldn’t tell cause we have only managed to listen to this song a couple of times. It’s just so annoying! But hey, if the Netherlands is this year’s dark horse, maybe we got it all wrong?:-)

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