Georgia on our minds

In the ESC world, Georgia is perhaps up until now best known for being banned from participating in Moscow last year with the disco influenced floor banger ”We Don’t Wanna Put In”. Who said this competition isn’t about politics? The country is still a ESC rookie, but has shown that they master the format and we warmly welcome them. Hopefully they will continue to surprise us with original songs and remarkable stage performances like the black morphed into white moment with ”Peace Will Come”, legendary!

After last year’s controversy Georgia is playing it safe this year with Georgian rose Sofia Nizharadze, and even tough we kind of understand why, we must admit that we’re a little disappointed. The song is one of the better ballads in the field, written by fellow Norwegian Hanne Sørvaag who’s also behind Norway’s “My Heart Is Yours”, and Sofia seems to be a talented and professional artist. It all looks very neat in the promo video, but we question Sofia’s ability to recreate this live on stage. We’re afraid it will turn out a little boring and forgettable and that Georgia this year will be outshone by many of their competitors.

But hey, Sofia, go head and prove us wrong!

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