DJ, please take me away…. from this!

It’s pretty clear to us that we have a hard time understanding whatever the Bulgarians are up to in this competition. The ethnic drums in 2007 were kinda cool, and kudos for the brave reggae mash-up the year after, even tough it didn’t really work live on stage. But their tendency to choose pompous, self absorbed and over pretentious men/women with crappy songs we really can’t get our head around, and this year they’ve done it again!

Dear Bulgaria, here’s a piece of advise for you. Maybe you should consider putting more work into Miro’s performance than his hairdo? Unless there’s something seriously wrong with his legs it would be nice to at least see him standing up. It just looks completely ridiculous not being bothered to get his ass off that bar stool, did he order one too many from the bar that night or what? We suppose that this is something that will be corrected, or should we say erected, before his performance in Oslo. And while you’re at it, please wipe the smug look off his face, and give the man some decent lyrics, oooooooooooooo ooooooooooo ooooooooooo constitutes like 70 % of the song? Wtf? That is, if this Miro is even capable of learning the lyrics by heart, cause half trough his performance it looks like he needs to take a sneak peak at the text to be able to go on singing. Hello, anybody home?

Give us a break Bulgaria, and come back with something better next year!


  1. Hei Helene Harefrøken! Vi veit, det er forvirrande med alle desse landa, mange av dei er jo klin like! Fortsatt god påske til deg også:-)

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