Your hard is ours

In Norway, we are still very high on ESC life after crushing all competitors thoroughly with our new national hero Alexander Rybak last year. Charming young guy really worked, so we are trying the same recipe again this year – with his buddy.

This year’s entry is more of a classical ballad, and could have been sung by just about any country. Still, it is simple and down to earth, and that could work sometimes. There are sufficiently enough modulations and bridges. And the text is adorable. We mean, “You are like a sunset behind a mountain somewhere”? Didrik does his thing really well, being an aspiring opera singer and all. His smile is the one that can melt every desperate housewife’s (and quite a few housemen’s) heart and we do like his black’n white jacket and flirty eyes. It keeps us from wondering too much about whether he sings about his love or his dick (after all he is rehearsing pronunciation for the big final).

Yes, the setting is ESC worthy. One just have to love the smoke in the beginning and the fireworks in the end, as sent from heaven and perhaps going to hell. Oh Didrik, we will cherish your heart either way. We will be by your side and we will be charmed by you from here to eternity. Give us your smile and we’ll accept the cheesy parts. Because your hard is ours and we’ll take very good care of it.


  1. Well, I just love this cute boy and his beautiful song. I really hope he wins! He is the very best!! I surely voted for him in the Norwegian national final 🙂

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