WTF, Dinamo????

We are sorry. We just need to stop being happy for a moment before we go on. Because what the f… is going on at the University of Oslo?

Last week the producers of this year’s Eurovsion final, held a class about their profile for the show, stating that they will get rid of “ridiculous, gay behaviour, drag show and men in sequins”. And a lot more, but it makes us too angry to translate it all.

Let just this be perfectly clear:

  • Eurovision glamour, party and show time is not a gay thing. It is a yay thing, not dependent of sexual orientation.
  • People in drag are not something one gets rid of, they are people that have the right to exist just as they are and people one love and embrace, because no one is cooler than them.
  • Getting rid of gay behaviour is something one did under WWII. No more comparison necessary. If one get rid of gay behaviour, one get rid of some of the best people in this world.
  • “Gay behaviour” is not something that even exists. Gay people behave as differently as all others.
  • “Gay behaviour” is not ridiculous.
  • Taking “gay behaviour and people in drag” out of Eurovision is not a way to focus on the music. It is a way to start a war.
  • We are the people we know that love Eurovision the most, and certainly more than most of our gay friends. We are not gay, at least not in the homosexual way.
  • Men in sequins or golden jackets are absolutely necessary for a fab time.
  • If you take the show and the ridicule out of Eurovision to focus on the music, you will first of all get crappy music and second you will kill Eurovision. Everything is related. If you don’t know that, find another job, Dinamo.
  • We could go on and on, but I guess you get the point…

Note that if this is the message you will flag for Eurovision, dear producers: We will boycott.We will hate Dinamo. Because nothing provokes us more than homophobic behaviour and the removal of glamour from Eurovision. Get a grip! Now! And find some other producers, NRK!

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