Je t’adore or shut the door for Belgium?

Poor Belgium. Since the introduction of the semi-finals they have tried just about everything without any luck. Europe turned their backs to disco, rockabilly, euro dance, a seductive french ballad and whatever was going on back in 2008, we can’t even begin to describe. The bookies held Kate Ryan as a huge favourite in 2006, but the televoters did not love her, instead they brutally shut the door leading to the final.

New year, new tactic! Will Europe love Tom Dice and take him trough to the big final? ”Me and My Guitar” is a good song, and Tom Dice can sing, however we can’t help but think, in a sort of copycat way like so many other X-factor and Idol contestants. To succeed in Eurovision you need to bring something unique to the table, being really good at sounding almost like James Blunt or David Gray just doesn’t cut it in our opinion.

This song kinda reminds us of Jostein Hasselgård’s ”I’m Not Afraid To Move On” from 2003. Simple, down to earth, straight forward, with a cute guy and his instrument. Jostein succeeded with his formula so perhaps Tom will follow in his foot steps?


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