Well, honestly Iceland, we don’t know either

We love our Nordic neighbours Iceland and over the years since their debut in Bergen in 1986 they have actually done quite well. In fact, it’s one of the most successful ESC countries never to win the contest. Yohanna set a new standard last year with her amazing ballad “Is It True?”, and in our opinion, in the landslide of ballads in this years edition, not one entry is even close to compare.

We all know that Iceland has been running a bit low on the financial side lately. Perhaps that’s why they decided to recycle the song from 2008? Unfortunately they couldn’t afford to include the energy, colour and charisma Euroband with “This Is My Life” had in abundance back then. Come on, Iceland, we know your’re broke, but cheer up for crying out loud!

Hera Björk has a certain je ne sais quoi about her, and she has a good voice, but it’s just a waste with this number. And why ramble away in a mix of English and French, when Iceland supposedly take such pride in preserving the Icelandic language? Give us something genuine, earthy, powerful, glowing and rugged, just bring it all out there, Europe would love it! This is just gloomy, outdated eurotrash and we just can’t be bothered. Next, please!

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