Hello sweetness!

Switzerland hasn’t really given us much Eurovision history recently. That is, if you don’t love the cheesy ballads Celine Dion and her kindred spirits deliver. Safe to say, we don’t.

The very first Eurovision Song Contest was actually held in Switzerland in 1956, and they even won themselves. The winner was the very cute Lys Assia. Not really ESC like we know today, but such a lady of the 50s and such a romantic, lovely and dreamy song. It just makes you want to watch the sunset and sip cocktails with Don Draper. Lys Assia continued to be cute for a couple more years until other, more annoying women replaced her. Horrible entries from Annie Cotton and Vanilla Ninja have managed to grasp surprisingly good scores, and Celine Dion was a bit quirky and sweet, but still no good winner in 1988. Then DJ Bobo’s vampire flirt and Lovebugs’ rock disaster last year made us think the country had lost it completely.
That’s why we are so happy that Swiss cuteness again will enter Eurovision this year. Michael Von Der Heide is the male equivalent of Lys Assia, and his golden jacket and adoring ears really makes you wanna take him home for dessert. His energy, the song reminding you of Shagma and the fantastic Balalaika-player just adds to the menu. This is Eurovision like it should be. And it is welcome back to the chocolatiers of Europe.


  1. The guy reminds me of a wingnut! Classy entry from the Swiss, perhaps the "douze points" will rain down over Switzerland this year?

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