3 + 2 = 12?

We kinda like Belarus. The country that gave us our very own Alexander Rybak and the chance to invite Europe to come party with us in Oslo in May. Since their debut back in 2004 they have not been very successful, except from in 2007 when Dmitry Koldun worked his magic and pulled a sixth place up from his hat.

So what will they bring this year? The group 3+2 with the Gary Moore rip off ”Far away”. Ok, whatever. Oh, but hang on, they changed their mind, as if this year’s contest doesn’t have enough booooooring ballads, here’s yet another one from Belarus! Ok, it’s actually not that bad. We are extremely enthusiastic about the animated butterflies in the promo video and we cannot wait to see how this will be done live in Telenor Arena.

Shall we predict that Belarus with “Butterflies” will be one of the qualifiers from the first semi-final? Or did Belarus mess up when they ditched “Far Away”?

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