The Motherland is calling

Armenia’s Eurovision history is short and sweet, the country has finished in the Top 10 every year since they first competed in 2006. Europe seems to love their etno inspired entries and who can blame us? We simply couldn’t live without André’s love back in 2006 and the sweethearts Inga and Anush made us dance with joy last year!

This year’s entry is a dark horse which can easily turn into a big favourite. Beautiful Eva Rivas is calling upon the Diasporas around Europe, homesick Armenians will vote like maniacs! We love ”Apricot Stone” because Armenia is staying true to their own style, and for celebrating their roots even tough they are one of the youngest members of the Eurovision family.

Another Top 10 finish is well within reach.

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  1. Flott bidrag fra Armenia. Ser ut som de har dradd frem den lokale Angelina Jolie, som synger fint. Synes imidlertid spesielt pianisten burde tatt seg en tur til den lokale frisøren på Grønland når følget kommer til Oslo. Tynt på toppen og tjafsete i nakken er ikke last year engang.LL

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