Something rotten in the state of Denmark

Denmark really has been some schizo country when it comes to Eurovision. From the best to the worst, from the funkiest to the most boring, we never seem to know quite what we get from them.

It all seemed so shiny and bright with Birte Kjær. She is one of our all time favorites with her 1989 entry “Vi maler byen rød”. It is such a model of what a Eurovision song should sound like. It really builds you up and makes you want to dance, and you sing along after hearing it once. It has often been mentioned among the best Eurovision entries ever, and do we agree. Birte is the woman.

What we think about the old Olsen brothers on wings of love, is probably best left unmentioned. But we did love the Drama Queen that made her visit on the Eurovision stage in 2007. She had the right attitude and some lovely costumes, and luckily she still lives on in the heat of Denmark’s drag scene.

So you can understand we were excited about this year’s entry as well. It starts off as a Police rip off with its first few tones, but after that there is only a very sad pop song left to make your head ache and to awaken all bad memories of opening song at Olympic games that were better left forgotten. As for performance, the guy is kinda cute, but what is the deal with the screen? And the hand in the beginning? And can someone please remove the lace curtain from the lady’s dress?

No, we don’t want to see this in the top ten. Not in the final at all, actually. Burn, Denmark, burn.

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